A visit back in time

Back in late March of this year, a close friend of mine was getting married down in St. Francisville, Louisiana (USA).  It was a lovely time of year down there in the deep south.  The weather was perfect, cool, sunny, a little breezy.  Quite a welcome few weeks from the incessant heat we usually experience most of the year.  It seems like summer lasts almost the whole year there!

The area has developed into quite a tourist attraction, because of all of the antebellum homes situated in this tiny and quaint town.  Most of the plantations have been turned into museums or bed-and-breakfast inns.  And guided tours are conducted daily at most of them.  Some of our mutual friends that were in town for the wedding had never been to a real, Louisiana plantation, so we thought we’d show them some true southern hospitality.  I brought my camera and snapped some photos of two of my favorite plantations, Rosedown and The Myrtles.

The Myrtles Plantation is said to be haunted.  During the tour inside that plantation, we were not allowed to take photographs, except for ones of a mirror rumored to have ghostly figures appear in peoples’ photographs from time to time.  Guess I wasn’t lucky enough to capture a ghost.  Nothing eventful.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time.

The photo of the fireplace heat guard/screen was said to have been a gift to the family that lived at Rosedown by the Washington’s, as in President George Washington.  They say the screen was stitched by Martha Washington, herself.  There is a painting of George Washington hanging in that room, too.


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