Saturday Side Trip to Dismals Canyon – Alabama, USA

So, if you’ve looked around my blog/website/whatever, you’ve noticed that I delve into my other hobby on occasion, photography.  I’m pretty blah, but I am trying to improve my craft in that area.  I recently went on another Saturday Side Trip with my photography friend, Sue.  This time we went to a place called Dismals Canyon in northwest Alabama, near the town of Russellville.  Personally, I think the name doesn’t truly describe what a wonder this place is!  It was like entering a secret garden, full of fairies and toadstools, like something out of the movie, Neverending Story.  Huge, moss-covered boulders, a clear stream snaking along the path, green everywhere, twisted trees and gnarly roots grabbing hold as though the land was flipped upside down and they were holding the Earth together.  I took over 230 pictures; Sue took over 400!  Boy, did we have fun.  We spent 6 hours at a place that was roughly 1.5 miles long of a hike.

The main feature of the canyon was one big waterfall, called Rainbow Falls.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  I love the sound of rushing water.  There was a smaller waterfall, called Secret Falls, and one “fake” waterfall, called Phantom Falls.  When you come up on it, it’s just a huge rock wall, but while reading the information on the trail map, they tell you to turn your back on the falls and stand about 10 feet away from it, and you’ll hear a waterfall behind you.  And you do!  It is really the echo of the other falls in the canyon that you hear, but it sounds like it’s right there behind you.

The day was great.  We were sure wiped out from all of the hiking.  Not too strenuous, but so peaceful and enjoyable.  I’ve got a few photos posted here.  Hope they take you away to this relaxing secret garden.



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