My name is Jennifer Summar.  I live in Birmingham, Alabama with my husband, dog, and two birds.  I love photography, and I’m working to become a better photographer.  I hope you enjoy my view of the world.

I decided that I needed a break from all the technology and to spend time doing more tactile hobbies.  I have a photography friend, Sue, who I go on “Saturday Side Trips” with to shoot whatever we find interesting.  Sue’s turning out to be a really good photographer.  Her website is http://photosofalabama.com/.  We’ve dubbed ourselves “Two Chicks Who Click”.  So look for my blog entries about our (mis-)adventures exploring the world around us and capturing photos of interesting things.

I also enjoy crafts, specifically counted cross-stitch.  If you like cross-stitch, too, or just want to see some of my work, please visit my other blog devoted entirely to my cross-stitch obsession, at Look What Jen Made.  I’m in the process of migrating all of my cross-stitch content from this blog to the new one.  Please pardon the disarray.

Thank you for visiting.